EAST FLATBUSH - An East Flatbush man has been missing for more than a month, his family says, and was possibly seen by a friend wandering in a daze at the West Indian American Day Parade on Monday.

Eric Joseph, 23, was last heard from on Aug. 1, according to his aunt Beverly Joseph. He had not arrived at work at her Allstate Insurance branch for around two weeks, but his cousin had spoken to him on the phone earlier that day.

"It is unlike him," Beverly Joseph says. "He's a young man who has everything going for him -- plans for the future, bright future."

The missing man was born in Guyana but mostly grew up in East Flatbush.

Family members say a friend spotted him on Eastern Parkway during Monday's parade, but also saw an unknown woman pull him away.

"He was disheveled, dirty," says the aunt. "His head was in disarray, beard growing. He looks like a homeless person. He was in a daze, and he did not recognize his school friend, who was trying to talk to him."

The family says it is in touch with police and trying to reach out on social media to find Joseph.