BROOKLYN - Kings County Hospital is introducing a new initiative to keep employees and patients healthy.

The hospital celebrated the grand opening Wednesday of its first-ever farmers market in an effort to provide more low-income families with healthier food options.

"Wellness Wednesdays" will be taking place at the hospital all summer long.

The goal is to promote good nutrition and health education for the community, as well as patients and employees of Kings County hospital.

The market offers locally grown fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices.  

"Unfortunately, when you go to the supermarket, a lot of the times if you want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables they cost more than buying a bag of chips or soda," says Maritza Owens, CEO of Harvest Home. "So at the market, you're able to use all different sorts of subsidies."

In addition to fruits and vegetables, Brooklyn residents can also receive free health screenings, nutrition education, cooking demonstrations, food samplings and more.

The farmer's market is open every Wednesday until the end of the growing season, which ends in November.