BROOKYLN - The bitter-cold temperatures have failed to deter local growers from bringing their fresh produce to winter farmers' markets in Brooklyn.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the number of farmers' markets operating during the chilly winter months has risen 16 percent since 2009.

"I'm just very grateful that farmers' markets are open all-year-round so a guy like me can save his farm and get out of my financial woes," says Permanand Raghoo, of Raghoo Farms.

The USDA says winter markets own 14 percent of the market share, although not all markets are thriving. Farmers at the McCarren Park market in Green Point say the winter months tend to be slow.

A farmers' market is considered to be all-year-round if it operates between November and March. There are currently only four such markets in Brooklyn.