SUNSET PARK - The fashion industry is making its mark in Sunset Park.

Employees at BaubleBar are hard at work putting together jewelry orders for their customers around the world, and they're doing it at Industry City in Sunset Park.

BaubleBar, which has 150 employees, moved into part of a 6 million-square-foot complex just a few months ago. The business is using the space as a distribution center.

"It's definitely attracting a lot of positive attention to our company," said BaubleBar manager Maritza Mejia. "It shows that we are kind of a fashion leader in New York City and also within our industry.”

BaubleBar is one of 400 businesses, mostly fashion-related, in Industry City. In the past 18 months, the owners did some renovations at Industry City and now more than 4,000 people are working there.

Officials say that they hope more companies like BaubleBar will move into Industry City and continue the trend of growth in fashion.