BUSHWICK - Two Bushwick families were searching for answers Tuesday night after a shooting left two people dead and another injured.

Police say the shooting happened Monday night at 330 Bushwick Ave. when Jannette Velez and her boyfriend, Audeliz Velez, were fighting inside the Borinquen Plaza apartment of Jannette?s parents.

According to police, Audeliz Velez shot and killed Jannette during the fight and then shot her father, who was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

"I should have been here. I should have been here to protect her,? says Sonia Jimenez, a neighbor who says she warned Jannette about Audeliz Velez. "I told her, 'Just be careful ? Call the cops.' "

Efrain Velez, Audeliz Velez?s father, claims his son went into a jealous rage because Jannette wouldn?t allow his son to see their daughter after she started seeing a new boyfriend.

Police say they recovered two guns from the apartment.