CROWN HEIGHTS - A brand-new hoverboard caught fire inside a Crown Heights apartment building Tuesday, according to fire officials.

They are warning residents to think twice before purchasing the trendy items. 

"I would not plug one in in my home," says FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro. "Luckily the people smelled smoke and called the fire department, and no one was hurt."

The FDNY says the board was charging for two hours before it burst into flames, which spread through a fifth-floor hallway.

This is the second hoverboard to catch fire in New York City this week, officials say.

"It will happen again, [and] it's happened before," Nigro says. "I wouldn't do anything to encourage people to have these."

Leonora Mendoza, a resident of the Crown Heights building, echoed the commissioner's sentiment.

"Perhaps return it for a refund," Mendoza says. "Purchase something else more safe."