NEW YORK - The state's Federation of Taxi Drivers says an NYPD detective's rant against an Uber cab driver that went viral was not an isolated incident.

The head of the federation says the video does not come as a surprise and that it is something cab drivers face in New York City every single day. He met with NYPD Chief James O'Neil Thursday to discuss police behavioral patterns.

NYSFTD Spokesman Fernando Mateo says most of the time, the NYPD and taxi drivers work well together, but that cabbies are frequently subjected to disrespect, racial abuse and insults. Mateo says the YouTube video of the Uber driver being disrespected by an officer is proof of what these drivers deal with often.

He says he is hopeful after his meeting because the chief was very receptive to the possibility of strict penalties for this type of abuse, as well as retraining.

Mateo also added that he hopes the officer in the YouTube video is not fired, but instead penalized for his wrongdoings.

The detective that went on the rant has been stripped of his gun and reassigned to desk duty.