BROOKLYN - Advocates of a feral cat colony in Plumb Beach have lost their battle with the National Park Service.

The National Park Service had put a June 13 deadline for the removal of the colony, which includes about 30 cats.

Bay Ridge resident Carolyn Euvino has been tending to the cats for the past 11 years. She spent about $30,000 to have them spayed, neutered and vaccinated. She and her friend have spent the past weeks trapping the cats and moving them to a safe place, fearing the National Park Service would take them to a kill shelter.

She says about five cats have not yet been removed. Euvino says it is a tough process to trap them and could take several more days.

A spokesman from the National Park Service says the agency is sympathetic to the cats' caretakers and adds it is working with them to make sure the animals are removed safely.