BROOKLYN - Some residents in Brooklyn Heights aren't happy about the lights, camera and action in the borough.

Brooklyn is the destination of choice for filming many TV shows and movies, but as the novelty wears off, filming has left some residents frustrated.

Irene Janner, of The Brooklyn Heights Association, says that her office gets many calls from people who are tired of navigating around film and TV show sets.

"Our streets are very narrow and when they come, especially with large trucks, they block the streets," says Janner.

The Brooklyn Heights Association is banking on a new bill that it hopes will be passed by the City Council. The bill would require the city to provide monthly reports on the location of all the film shoot permits in New York City, broken down by each borough.

"They block the sidewalks, they blocked the street," Janner says. "They're not particularly friendly. They're not supposed to block the promenade and they do."

The mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment counters that the film industry provides jobs to New Yorkers.

Any problems from shoots should be reported to the production manager on site or by calling 311.