WILLIAMSBURG - ? Firefighters in Brooklyn and across the city are mourning the loss of one of their own after a firefighter fell from a Williamsburg building and died Thursday.

Daniel Pujdak, 23, of Queens, was climbing from a cherry picker onto the roof during a fire when he lost his footing and fell four stories, officials said. He was rushed to Bellevue Hospital and later died.

Pujdak was on roof duty during the fire. His job was to cut a hole in the roof so some of the smoke could get out. New York City Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta said firefighters typically carry 100 pounds of equipment while on duty, but Pujdak was also carrying a 40-pound saw to cut the hole.

The men who worked with Pujdak every day hung black and purple banners of mourning outside his house Friday. They used the same type of cherry picker that officials said Pujdak was using before he fell.

Candles and flowers were placed in front of Pujdak?s childhood home. At the firehouse Friday, his friends remembered him for his work ethic.

FDNY sources said the fire commissioner is expected to release more details about the investigation into Pujdak?s death in the coming days.

Pujdak is survived by his mother, father and two brothers. He is the first firefighter to die in action since August 2006.

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