BROOKLYN - A block in Flatbush is getting a speed bump after an 8-year-old girl was killed by a driver there over the summer.

Department of Transportation crews are installing a speed bump at East 22nd Street and Ditmas Avenue.

Jadann Williams was hit by an SUV there in August. Robert Campbell, an EMT and nurse, tried to save her, but she died at Kings County Hospital.

Residents say they have been complaining about drivers speeding down that block for years, and they hope the new speed bump will get drivers to pay attention and slow down.

Rep. Mathieu Eugene, who requested the DOT put the speed bump there, commended them for moving so quickly after the tragedy this summer.

"Of course, the speed bump is not going to bring the young girl back, but this is a very important measure to ensure that no more kids will be killed because of a car getting into this section of the street," he says.