BROOKLYN - Tenants in Flatbush are putting up a fight against their landlord, claiming that their homes have fallen into disrepair.

Residents at 119 East 19th St. say that their living conditions are dangerous, with leaks, mold, rodent and mice infestations, little security and barely any maintenance on the property. They also claim that people are found sleeping on the roof or stairwell, which carries the smell of urine.

They complain that their landlord, Mosche Pillar, does little to fix any of the problems they face, and is only good about collecting rent. News 12 Brooklyn reached out to Pillar via his management company, but he was unavailable.

The councilman who represents the area is working with local nonprofit group New York Communities for Change to address tenant concerns.

The 55-unit apartment building has 16 open violations dating back to 2005, according to the Department of Buildings website.