BROOKLYN - Thanksgiving is as much about food as it is about family, but many residents fear that the meal on the table will soon have them in need of bigger clothing.

Chef Ramon Perez, from Havana Cafe, says the first thing to consider is the turkey. Perez says the chef should take advantage of the healthiest part of the turkey, the breast, which is a very lean piece of meat. He also says to make sure you take the skin off of the turkey before serving or eating it.

Perez also says stuffing is usually made up of mostly bread, but another way to prepare it is to cut down on the bread and add fresh veggies like red peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and onions. He says with those ingredients, it will taste just like any stuffing you've ever had, regardless of the lack of bread.

Chef Perez says by doing a lot of little things differently with your dishes, you can cut your Thanksgiving feast by about 5,000 calories without sacrificing the taste.