BROOKLYN - Many food pantries in Brooklyn are struggling to keep up with an increase in demand after Saturday’s blizzard.

The Masbia Soup Kitchen in Midwood received a supply of fruit and vegetables Tuesday, but organizers say the amount is half of what they need.

The director of the soup kitchen says that donations are down, and that they are receiving fewer supplies from government programs.

Organizers say that during the storm, more people than usual came to the kitchen. With the high demand, they say it has become harder to meet the community's needs.

Organizers say they need help in order to keep their program afloat.

"We need all the help out there possible to be able to restock, resupply and give people the basic food, the basic staples," says Alexander Rapaport, director of Masbia Soup Kitchen Network.

On average, the soup kitchen serves about 125,000 meals a months. In order to maintain that, they need more donations and volunteers.