BROOKLYN - Some employees at a Bay Ridge Food Town say they are on a forced strike after contract negotiations took a turn for the worse this week.

The employees, who work in the meat department, say they have been locked out of the store and are not allowed to work. They have taken to the sidewalk with signs of protest.

The workers say their contracts were supposed to be renewed at the end of October, but were not. Negotiations continued through November when a company mediator was brought in. They say the mediator told them to continue to work unconditionally while bargaining continued.

The next day, they say they were locked out.

Some Bay Ridge shoppers are turning away from the Food Town, opting for a nearby supermarket due to the situation. Resident Thomas Murata says he will not shop at a store that tries to break a union.

Some employees have filed for unemployment, but say they are hoping to get back to work soon.

Food Town has not responded to News 12 Brooklyn?s calls.