BROOKLYN - (AP) - A former state judge was found guilty of taking gifts for fixing divorce cases after a trial that featured him on hidden-camera videos made in his chambers.

Former Brooklyn state Supreme Court Judge Gerald Garson, who was acquitted of lesser charges, showed no reaction as the verdict was read today. Prosecutors built their case on hidden-camera videos they said showed the judge's misdeeds.

Garson was accused of accepting a box of cigars worth $272 for privately advising a lawyer on how to handle a divorce case being heard by the judge. The cigars were courtesy of the Brooklyn district attorney, who orchestrated the sting by wiring Garson's chambers with a tiny camera and persuading the divorce lawyer, Paul Siminovsky, to betray his friend in exchange for leniency in his own bribery case.

The judge's defense attorney, Michael Washor, had argued that his now-retired client was guilty only of stupidity.

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