BROOKLYN - A former NYPD officer has been taken into custody for his alleged role in what police are calling a hate crime in Borough Park.

About 20 locations throughout the neighborhood were spray-painted with anti-Semitic messages and signs.

Police say 36-year-old Michael Setiawan, of Queens, has been arrested for the allegedly scrawing the hateful messages and symbols. They say he resigned seven years ago from the NYPD.

Borough Park is home to many members of the Jewish community. Local leaders are speaking out regarding the matter, saying the crime is appalling, especially since it was done on the holiest day of the week, Shabbos.

Police say Setiawan is facing charges that include criminal mischief as a hate crime and harassment.

A News 12 viewer submitted a photo of a man allegedly spray-painting the graffiti, but it has not been confirmed that the man seen in the photo is Setiawan.