MANHATTAN - Detective Herman Yan testified Wednesday in the trial of three suspects accused of murdering NYPD Officer Russel Timoshenko.

Timoshenko was shot in the head and killed during a routine traffic stop on July 9, 2007, which Yan described in his testimony. According to him, the two officers pulled over a dark SUV at Lefferts and Rogers avenues that had stolen license plates.

Yan says he heard four shots being fired as he approached the car to speak with the driver. He was hit in the arm before the suspects sped off. He saw Timoshenko lying on the ground and believes he was unconscious by the time the suspects drove away.

The case is being heard by three separate juries, one for each of the suspects. In addition to Yan?s testimony, the juries, as well as family members and friends, saw surveillance video and listened to the 911 calls from the night of the shooting.

If convicted, Dexter Bostic, Robert Ellis and Lee Woods will face life in prison.