FORT GREENE - Celebrities and Brooklyn fashionistas are flocking to a Fort Greene nail salon for a new type of manicure called the Minx.

Residents say Honey, the nail technician at Delux Gallery Salon, is the only person in the city trained to offer the Minx manicure. Rather than just a coat of paint, the Minx is a shiny, patterned design applied to nails using a type of glue.

Celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna made the switch from traditional manicure to Minx. The process involves filing and buffing the nails, then applying the Minx patterns, shaping them and placing hands under a heating lamp. There is no drying time and the Minx comes in 150 different styles, including pink leopard and gold fishnet.

The manicure costs $55 and lasts for several months.