BUSHWICK - Students at one Brooklyn school got a special visit from some four-legged friends as part of an initiative by a local nonprofit group.

The initiative called "A Fair Shake for Youth" brings dogs to under-served communities to help kids learn valuable lessons. The program helps children learn respect for animals and self-esteem by forming relationships with the dogs. They also learn to train the dogs through positive reinforcement.

Each week, kids at the Lyons Community School in Bushwick help train the dogs by using basic commands and building up to agility games. Students say working with the dogs helps them build better relationships with people too.

One student says she used to be shy, but since working with the dogs she likes to talk to people more.

A $10,000 grant from the ASPCA helps the nonprofit group bring the program to more schools across New York City. The program is expected to reach 360 students this year.