BROOKLYN - A legally blind man is battling for a better living situation.

Frank James says he has called 311 every day for the last couple of weeks, begging them to come see the conditions in his Canarsie apartment.

James, who is legally blind, says his landlord of more than three years has left him living in horrific conditions for the past several months. He says the primary problems are insufficient heat and a broken refrigerator.

James claims his home isn't suitable for anyone to live in, let alone someone who is disabled and diabetic. Without a refrigerator, James says he is forced to leave his insulin by a window to keep it cold.

He says a judge ruled that he does not have to pay rent due to the living conditions.

James' landlord, Ben Do Douglas, says that because James lives in a furnished room and not an apartment, he does not have to fix the refrigerator. He also claims that the heat is fine.

James says he plans to take his landlord back to court and will be moving out in the coming months. He says all he wants is the justice he deserves and an apartment he feels safe in.