MILL BASIN - A Brooklyn baker's new twist on Twinkies has been featured in the company's official 85th Anniversary Cookbook.

Lorraine Caton, of Mill Basin, says she entered a contest by Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, on a whim. Two months ago, she learned her recipe had been selected for the official cookbook.

"I wanted to do something that wasn't a dessert, because Twinkies are associated with dessert already," Caton says. "So let's do something savory."

Her take on the treats involves scooping out the filling and mixing it with sriracha, rosemary and thyme. She also uses apples cooked in butter and rum, shredded cheddar cheese, some sliced Brie and crushed walnuts.

The end result is sweet, sour, savory and salty all in one, Caton says -- similar to a grilled cheese sandwich.

Caton also says that her appearance in the Hostess cookbook has led to an influx of new clients.