THE BRONX - The very first all-vegan pizza restaurant has opened in Brooklyn, shop owners say.

Screamers Pizzeria officially opened its 620 Manhattan Ave. location in Greenpoint last week.

With an ever-growing vegan population in Brooklyn, shop owner Mark Mebus says new innovations in vegan food have made things much easier. 

"About six years ago there was some pretty good innovations in the world of vegan cheese, so that kind of made a lot of things more possible," says Mebus.

Screamer's Pizza uses tapioca for the mozzarella, and almond milk for ricotta and parmesan substitutes.

The joint is named after the slang term used to describe the sound a mushroom makes when it's thrown on the grill. 
"We thought that was good because we want to create kind of like a loud atmosphere," Mebus says.