BROOKLYN - The Vendy Awards were held Sunday to recognize the best of the best in street food.

The annual awards honor food vendors from across the city.

Chef Lawrence's beer-battered crust fish tacos from the Coney Shack on West Ninth Street earned him the Rookie of the Year award.

Brooklyn resident Megan Bailey was also recognized by the Vendys for her "renegade lemonade."

"We are not your grandma's lemonade," Bailey said. "We take regular lemonade and we kind of put it on its head, so we always want to do some kind of fruit and we like to combine them."

The Best Market Vendor award went to Home Frite, whose owner said their flavorful fries are a big hit at Smorgasburg food market.

Street food vendors said the best part about having a food cart as opposed to a traditional store is mobility.