BROOKLYN - Tourists are flocking from all over the United States and world to downtown Brooklyn's Fulton Street Mall, creating a business boom.

The mall is home to dozens of stores packed into a strip less than a mile long. According to the Fulton Street Mall Association, tourists from places such as Japan, England, Michigan and Georgia are among the 100,000 or so customers who prefer to spend their money in Brooklyn than pricey Madison Avenue.

"They know they can come to Fulton Street and have men's, women's and children's apparel," a retailer said of the shopping shift.

Tourists also flock to nearby Junior's, a Brooklyn restaurant renowned for its signature cheesecake. "Tourism's actually great for our business," said owner Allan Rosen. "It's always been great."

With more development bound for Brooklyn, including the relatively close Nets arena, the mall plans to launch a multimillion dollar renovation next year. The upgrade will include new lighting, bus shelters and more pedestrian-friendly areas.