BROOKLYN - Family members and friends gathered Saturday to mourn the loss of 6-year-old Clarantae Turner, the young boy who was struck and killed by an out-of-control car last month.

The boy and his mother, Shawna Spaulding, were both hit by an SUV that spun out of control Sept. 26. The accident claimed Clarantae?s life and left his mother in a wheelchair.

Also in attendance at the funeral was Assemblyman Nick Perry, who has been lobbying to pass a school traffic safety zone bill for some time. He told News 12 Brooklyn that he is changing the name of the traffic safety bill to ?Clarantae?s Law,? in memory of the young boy.

?We?re very devastated and we?re very sad,? Horandy Spaulding, Clarantae?s uncle, says. ?It?s a sad time for us and the family.?