BROOKLYN - A funeral was held in Brooklyn Wednesday night for a Staten Island man who died in police custody.  

Loved ones said goodbye to Eric Garner at Bethel Baptist Church, where the Rev. Al Sharpton spoke to the congregation.

According to authorities, the 43-year-old father went into cardiac arrest as officers tried to take him into custody last Thursday. A video of the incident went viral showing a plain clothes officer place Garner in what appears be a chokehold, while he is heard saying, "I can't breathe."

His death has created a citywide uproar of criticism and controversy. Multiple rallies have since been held demanding justice and an investigation into the NYPD's tactics.

One officer has been stripped of his badge and gun, and put on desk duty with a second officer. Two EMTs and two paramedics are also on modified duty pending the outcome of an investigation.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton held a press conference Tuesday promising to look into chokehold usage complaints that have been made against his department over the years as part of the investigation into what happened to Garner.