BROOKLYN - A tenant at the Seth Low Houses says she can't open her window because the stench of the garbage piled up outside is unbearable.

Samantha Galloway says tenants from upper floors drop items like soiled diapers, used cigarettes and broken beer bottles outside their windows.

Galloway says it piles up on the scaffolding outside her second­-floor apartment.

She says that besides the smell, she is scared to open her window because mice run along the windowsill and leave droppings.

Galloway says she has complained multiple times to New York City Housing Authority, but that nothing has been done so far.

She says she is also concerned for her two sons, ages 13 and 3, who currently suffer from asthma.

A spokesperson for NYCHA says, "Maintenance workers clean the scaffolding at Seth Low Houses on a monthly basis, and tenants are advised to follow protocol regarding garbage disposal. We are working to address the issue of accumulating waste in a more timely manner."