BROOKLYN - New fuel restrictions are in effect at New York City gas stations and News 12 has the information you need before filling up.

The odd-even gas rationing system means drivers have to check the last digit of their license plates. If it ends in an odd number or letter, you can get gas on odd-number calendar days. If the number is even, you can fuel up on even dates.

Exemptions include emergency vehicles, taxis, buses, limousines and commercial vehicles, as well as those with medical doctor plates. The rules also apply to anyone with out-of-state plates.

The mayor says the region's petroleum infrastructure is slowly returning to normal, but the shortages could last another couple of weeks. The NYPD will serve all open stations until further notice to ensure order. Violations are a Class B misdemeanor.

If you're desperate for fuel on the wrong day, you can still head to a working gas station and fill up with a portable gas can.

Odd-even gas rationing sparks confusion at the pump