BROOKLYN - Some residents at NYCHA's Albany Houses say they have not been able to use their stoves for weeks.

They say the gas stoves don't work in 13 apartments.

NYCHA posted a sign in their hallway on April 22 saying that there would be an unavoidable disruption to cooking gas service for residents of apartment G on each floor.

Workers gave out hot plates, but residents say they don't like them.

"We are frustrated because I can't cook for the kids," one resident tells News 12. "It's a family of six and just one hot plate to make one pot of rice. It took me over two, three hours."

NYCHA says a gas pipe in the building is scheduled to be replaced this week. Then the Department of Buildings will have to approve of the work before the gas can be restored by next week.

"Safety will continue to be our top priority as we make this necessary repair, and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused residents," the Authority said in a statement.