EAST NEW YORK - Tenants living without gas service to their building since July are finally able to turn their stoves on again.

Tenants at the Cypress Hills Houses were fed up with having to use hot plates to make their food. They contacted News 12 Brooklyn about the gas outage at their building and say they finally got results.

The tenants say after the News 12 Brooklyn report aired, an emergency meeting was called. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio's office issued a statement saying, "The Mayor believed the timeline was unacceptable for unique situations like Cypress Hills. He asked NYCHA and DOB to think more creatively about how to restore service and the quality of life to residents."

Multiple agencies then banded together to get the gas service restored faster than the two-month timeline that was initially put in place.

NYCHA officials say long shifts along with help from other agencies and outside contractors helped bring gas service back to the residents.