BROOKLYN - Superstorm Sandy left a severe emotional and financial strain on residents and business owners in Gerritsen Beach, but the community has stayed strong through the ongoing recovery process.

Dan Foster is among those whose memories were swept away in floodwaters last October. He says losing pictures of his children and even of himself as a baby hurt the most.

News 12 visited Foster back in May, as he and his family tried to deal with mold left behind in their home. He says the mold has been treated three times, but continues to grow, and he's not prepared for a complete remodel without flood insurance.

Other longtime residents of the waterfront neighborhood have started from scratch, including Effrain Arroyo, who bought a mold-infested house because his was completely destroyed.

Mom-and-pop shops along Gerritsen Avenue have reopened since Sandy, but many say they still struggle to make a profit because of what they lost and a lack of business during the storm.

The non-profit GB Cares has helped with recovery, but Executive Director Jameson Wells says that the neighborhood is still far from the end of the process.