BROOKLYN - A guide book to living green in New York City is hitting the shelves in celebration of Earth Day.

?Greenopia, New York City: The Urban Dweller's Guide to Green Living? pinpoints where to shop, eat and get clothes cleaned in the five boroughs without leaving a carbon footprint. The book is the latest in the Greenopia series. The compilers scouted out businesses across the city to find eco-friendly neighborhood establishments.

One of the Brooklyn green spots named in the book is Habana Outpost, a restaurant that has solar panels, recycled tables and chairs, and forks and knives made from potato starch.

"You can do something without really cramping your lifestyle to make you feel good about yourself and to help out the planet,? Habana Outpost owner Sean Meenan says.

Ferris Kawar, with Greenopia, says more and more businesses are becoming eco-friendly. The book lists places such as spas, coffee shops and toy stores.