BROOKLYN - A year and a half ago Michael Ring was preparing for his 30th marathon when he suddenly felt something was wrong.

At 50 years old, Ring was diagnosed with acute motor axonal neuropathy. The rare disease attacked his immune system and motor nerves leaving him paralyzed. Ring says he could still feel but could not move. The disease had Ring in the hospital for four months.

Since being diagnosed, the marathon and ultramarathon runner has been working to regain muscle strength.

Ring has gone from needing several people assistance to get up and take a few steps to being in a power wheelchair to using a cane to help him walk.

He has recently started jogging again and competed in his first 5K race since his diagnoses.

Ring says each day is about small goals and small victories.

"I wanted to be the guy who runs one or two marathons a year...forever," says Ring.

Ring says he is on his way back to being the marathoner he once was.

"I'll finish the NYC Marathon in 2016. It'll be daylight maybe, but it doesn't matter," says Ring.