BROOKLYN - Police are searching for a suspect who allegedly killed a Brooklyn woman at Tompkins Houses on Friday.

The victim, 49-year-old Deitra Young, was gunned down in the hallway of her apartment building.

The victim?s sister said Young witnessed the suspect, Charles Carter, beating his pregnant girlfriend, and she called the police. Carter, 22, was sent to prison, but Young?s sister says he was plotting his revenge behind bars.

?The whole time he was in jail, he was sending her threatening messages,? said Young?s sister, Roslyn Wright.

Wright said that on Friday, Carter came to Young armed with a gun, told her ?this is for you, b----,? and started shooting. According to police, the suspect hit Young and another man several times.

The victim was rushed to a hospital, where she later slipped into a coma.

Describing her sister as a loving, caring woman, Wright said her life was taken before her time.

?She was a good person,? Wright said. ?Most people called her ?mommy.??

Young is an organ donor, and her family is hoping that even in death she can help someone else.