BROOKLYN - It could be a man's wedding band or a precious family heirloom. Whatever it is, one Brooklyn good Samaritan hopes to reunite a gold ring with its rightful owner after she found the jewelry on a city bus.

"I got on the bus and it was crowded, and there was this ring on the floor," says Carina Childe, of Crown Heights. "Nobody was paying attention to it. At first, I thought it was a piece of pipe or something." 

Childe spotted the ring on the B41 bus as it traveled along Livingston Street. She says she first nudged the ring with her foot to confirm what she thought she had found.

Crosses are engraved on the outside of the band and the inside is also engraved, but Childe isn't telling what the engraving says. By keeping that information confidential, she believes only the rightful owner will be able to identify the ring.

If you own the ring or know its rightful owner, contact News 12 Brooklyn at (718) 861-6818 or at