BROOKLYN - More than 30 children were injured after falling though a grate that collapsed near an all-girls elementary school on Ocean Parkway Friday morning, officials say.

The incident happened at around 10:45 a.m. outside Yeshiva Shaare Torah at 222 Ocean Parkway. Thirty of the children were taken to the hospital, two of them with serious bone fractures.

Officials say 40-50 students, all girls aged 10 to 12, were lined up at the grate for picture day. Officials from the Department of Buildings are working to determine what exactly caused the grate to collapse.

Following reports of the collapse, many parents rushed to Yeshiva Shaare Torah to pick up their children or called in to make sure they were not injured.

The Department of Buildings says the grates were not designed to hold that sort of weight and also had worn out bolts. The department issued a violation to the school for failing to maintain the grate and is requiring them to put a fence around the grate to prevent future accidents.