BROOKLYN - Green-Wood Cemetery is remembering Civil War heroes who fought and died to keep the country united as part of Memorial Day weekend.

Locals, tourists, uniformed re-enactors and descendants of Civil War soldiers gathered at the cemetery to honor the thousands of men who served in the war on both sides. Flags were draped over the tombstones and Civil War memorial for the event.

Period-appropriate music was playing as guests had the opportunity to interact with the re-enactors. When the sun went down, a cavalry led a procession of thousands to the memorial, where they had a Civil War artillery troop fire a salute.

Other events will be held on Monday, in addition to the cemetery's annual Memorial Day Concert.

Green-Wood Cemetery also unveiled a massive Web database which includes the names of thousands of Civil War soldiers, abolitionists and former slaves buried on its grounds. Officials say that of the more than 500,000 graves at Green-Wood, almost 5,000 were involved in the Civil War.

Green-Wood held a similar event in 2011 to commemorate 150 years since the start of the war. This year marks the 150th anniversary of its conclusion.