CLINTON HILL - Clinton Hill residents are excited about the opening of a grocery store on Myrtle Avenue.

For many a trip to the grocery store is a quick undertaking, but for residents of Clinton Hill the mundane task has been a long one for the past two-and-a half years.

The previous supermarket in the neighborhood closed its doors nearly three years ago, so community members were nervous that a business other than a grocery store would claim the site.

Customers say the new grocery store will offer more variety than its predecessor. They say the store's deli tripled in size and the produce department has also expanded.

Still, not everyone is completely happy with the new grocery store. Many people say the prices are too high.

Tony Guzman, the store's owner, is asking people in the community for feedback on how he can improve services.

"We here for them, whatever they need," says Guzman.

The grocery store's grand opening is slated for Nov. 6.