CROWN HEIGHTS - An organization is calling for a 30-day cease-fire to stop Crown Heights violence.

"When I look at the statistics that 92 percent of the victims and victimizers are black and brown, that bothers me," says Richard Green, of the Crown Heights Youth Collective. "I said let's call this voluntary cease-fire."

The organization also wants churches and schools to have a more open-door policy for people seeking refuge from violence.

Community Board 8 is partnering with other groups to open the doors of opportunity for young minorities. The board has a large job training program with the Ratner Group to get people off the streets.

The board is also working with the local police precinct to increase patrols.

Crown Heights mother Robin Lyde wishes the efforts would have worked to save her son Benny, who would have turned 24 next month. Relatives are also mourning Carol Simon. The aspiring nurse was shot Dec. 15 on Eastern Parkway.