NEW YORK - A group demanded Thursday that two NYPD officials be reassigned in the wake of corruption allegations against the Brooklyn South Narcotics Division.

Standing outside of 1 Police Plaza in Manhattan, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement called for the reassignment of Anthony Izzo, the chief of the Organized Crime Control Bureau. The group claims Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has reorganized people below Izzo rather than hold the chief accountable.

100 Blacks in Law Enforcement also demanded that Internal Affairs Bureau Chief Charles Campisi be replaced. Critics argue under Campisi, IAB has become "stagnant" in preventing misconduct.

The group has accused Kelly of being "in denial about the span and scope of the corruption" and of "failing to recognize the connection between unchecked police brutality" and police corruption.

"It is time for an in-depth, independent analysis of the NYPD to determine whether there exists pockets of serious corruption," said Marq Claxton, of the group.

Meanwhile, state Sen. Eric Adams expressed dismay over the allegations. "You cannot simply look at a house of law enforcement where the infrastructure of that house is in disarray and disrepair and believe you can simply move around furniture."

Several police officers operating out of the Brooklyn South division are suspected of keeping drugs and cash for themselves or using the confiscated items to pay off informants.

An NYPD spokesperson declined to respond directly to the watchdog group's demands.

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