BROOKLYN -  A community organization was in court Friday to oppose the quality of life issues they believe could arise in the potential sale of the Brooklyn Heights Library.

Love Brooklyn Libraries, Inc. filed a suit with arguments that reconstructing the library and adding condominiums on top of it would lead to environmental concerns.

The suit argues that it could create shadows over nearby parks, with some lasting up to five hours a day. The document claims that the environmental review process only looked at the impact of shadows on shrubbery, but not park users.

The group also claims the plan would increase the number of cars on the road, creating pollution issues.

The group adds that there is also a federal depository at the library where citizens can look up government documents, which would be moved to a central library.

The library building was constructed by noteworthy architect Clemente Spaminato and the group believes it could qualify for landmark status.

The deal is being reviewed by federal authorities, according to a report. It argues that the developer hired was a donor to Mayor Bill de Blasio's campaign.