BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn-based nonprofit group is helping men get suited up in the attire they need for job interviews.

That Suits You is an organization started by East New York resident Gerard Kearsey, who saw firsthand the effects of improper interview outfits.

"I actually used to do a lot of interviews and see guys come in, and they would give good, solid interviews, but they weren't dressed properly," Kearsey recalls.

He collects new and gently worn suits and ties for men of all ages who have completed training programs, especially those who were recently incarcerated.

The group's work is about more than just looking sharp. That Suits You also provides its clients with the training and confidence they need to get into the workforce.

Kearsey says they hold workshops and presentations, and help men learn everything from how to tie a tie to how to present themselves in interviews.

The group also sends suits to those in need across the country.