BROOKLYN - One group is working to save some of the history of a church that is being torn down.

The Demolition Depot is working to save some of the artifacts in the once-vibrant Church of the Redeemer, a post-Civil War church that has been in Boerum Hill for centuries.

The Diocese of Long Island, which owns the church, recently sold it for $20 million.

Evan Blum is part of The Demolition Depot. He says that his team has been recovering different pieces like stained-glass windows, antique plaques and stone window frames.

"Some things are going to a private chapel," he says. "There are some pieces that went back to the granddaughter or the relative of the family that made some of the windows originally."

The relics can be purchased through Demolition Depot. The prices of the pieces range from $100 to thousands of dollars.