BROOKLYN - A straphanger advocacy group has proposed a cheaper way for Brooklyn train riders to get into Manhattan as the looming threat of a shutdown to repair the Canarsie tubes draws close.

The New York City Transit Riders Council has a proposal that it says could convince Brooklyn residents to consider using the Long Island Rail Road as a travel option into the city.

Dubbed the "freedom ticket," rides would cost $6.50 and include a free transfer into the subway system as long as riders enter at a LIRR station within city limits.

The group says that most commuters don't use the LIRR to get into Manhattan because of the higher cost, in addition to paying an extra $2.75 to transfer at Atlantic Terminal.

With the potential shutdown of the L line next year and the rezoning of East New York increasing ridership on the system, borough politicians have commended the idea.

News 12 reached out to the MTA, which said of the proposal in a statement, "It's an interesting proposal to alleviate the concerns of some of our customers, though it would certainly carry a financial impact for the MTA as well."