BROOKLYN - A group of New Yorkers with disabilities set sail on a special trip in New York Harbor Thursday.

The group of 30 sailed on the Impossible Dream, a catamaran specially equipped for wheelchairs. It was built after its owner became a paraplegic in a skiing accident.

Unlike regular boats, wheelchairs can travel from the stern to the bow and even go below deck using a hydraulic elevator.

"Everybody should have a chance to benefit from the beauties of the water and what the water can do to your mind and soul," says founder Deborah Mellen.

The 60-foot ship sails around the world to give people with disabilities a rare chance to experience being out at sea. The Impossible Dream has sailed 400 people up and down the East Coast throughout the summer, venturing as far as Cuba.

The trip was organized by the mayor's office.

After the New York Harbor trip, the ship will head down the East Coast later this week to its home in Miami.