EAST NEW YORK - The News Corp. purchase of The Brooklyn Paper has some groups in the borough calling for a boycott of the homegrown paper.

The Brooklyn East New York Crisis Team and other community groups are outraged by Rupert Murdoch's purchase of the paper. They say Murdoch, who owns the New York Post, does not have a good track record. They say the cartoon depicting President Barack Obama as a monkey being shot is an example of his bad history.

Meanwhile, a source close to News 12 Brooklyn says that the health of the paper was in jeopardy and it could have gone out of business in six months. According to the source, News Corp. saved jobs and some employees may even get raises.

Some residents fear the flavor of The Brooklyn Paper may change now that it's owned by News Corp.

News Corp. owns the Post, Fox Broadcasting Company, the Wall Street Journal and the social networking site MySpace. It also owns other Brooklyn papers such as Caribbean Life, Bay News and the Park Slope Courier.