BROOKLYN - The Guardian Angels are looking to curb the recent slashings that have been occurring on city subways with their own brand of crime deterrent.

The NYPD has stepped up its patrols following the slashings, but the Guardian Angels think that more could be done. The group, with its members donning red berets, used to patrol the subways in the 1980s when crime was high, and says it will continue those patrols.

Volunteers will regularly patrol subway cars from morning to night. While they won't carry weapons, they will use their martial arts skills and step in to calm any situation turning violent.

One commuter says the Angels will just make the problem worse, as it should be left to the NYPD and transit police. Other riders who spoke with News 12 say that while they aren't too concerned about the slashings, they do serve as a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings.

Last Tuesday, a young woman on the subway was slashed on her hand by a man wielding a machete. The suspect in that case was arrested, but there have been two more slashing attacks on subways since then.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, NYPD Transit Bureau Chief Joseph Fox said there are 6 million people riding the city's subways, and there are fewer than seven crimes reported a day, on average.