BROOKLYN - A popular Brooklyn restaurant will remain closed until next week after Health Department officials shut the facility down Monday for health code violations.

The New York City Department of Health shut down Di Fara?s for the second time since March after it said the facility failed three health inspections. A June 4 inspection reported both mouse infestation and unsanitary conditions.

Dominick DeMarco, the owner?s son, believes the restaurant is being targeted for other reasons. He says Di Fara?s closure is not due to health violations, but rather issues surrounding a food-handling course he says his father took.

DeMarco says an inspector was sent while his father was scheduled to take the class. Officials proceeded with the inspection and gave his father 72 hours to take the course, according to DeMarco. He says his father took the class within that timeframe, but the restaurant was closed anyway.

A judge will determine what actions the restaurant must take and whether fines need to be paid for Di Fara?s to resume operations.

DeMarco assures customers that Di Fara?s will reopen soon.

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