ATLANTA - (AP) - One top federal health official calls it a"tragic" finding.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds thatsmoking rates are holding steady in the United States -- with aboutone in five adults lighting up regularly.

The rate has basically been flat since about 2004. Last year's21 percent rate is about the same as the year before.

Teen smoking rates haven't been declining either. That alsostands at about one in five.

Health officials blame cuts in anti-tobacco campaigns, andshrewd marketing by cigarette companies.

The new report suggests that more than 46 million Americanadults still smoke cigarettes. The director of the CDC, Dr. ThomasFrieden, estimates that smoking kills 1,000 Americans a day.

Some experts were particularly disheartened by a CDC finding ina second report that nearly all children who live with a smoker -98 percent - have measurable tobacco toxins in their body.